New Cool Sites On the Web

Today we took a look at one of the new up and coming porn sites on the scene. The site is called The name makes it pretty darn obvious. Its made for people that love to skeet. Their site is a standard tube site with all the bells and whistles. They are not just focusing on one niche they are trying to cover the full spectrum of porn. From what they told us their goal is to give users a unique porn watching experience by making at their disposal just about any kind of video the user might want. Now I know what you are probably saying to yourself. There is already tons of sites out there that do this. While they do admit that is true they say “there is nothing wrong with a bit of competition”. That is true as they say competition usually bring out the best if everyone…and something the bad is some..but we wont get into any of that.

Site Goals

As usual we asked them what some of their goals for their website were here is what they told us. “We want to offer the best porn watching experience to keep users coming back. There is a sense of satisfaction knowing that someone was able to re leave themselves with out any hassle.” As funny as that sounds I applaud these guys for caring about something like that. Many site tend to get big and the quality goes down. I don’t see that happening any time soon on that site.

Let us know what you think! Have you fapped off to video on their site?


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